Core Carbon Fiber Cello Case (with single latch)


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Core Carbon Fiber Cello Case 

The Core Carbon Fiber cello case with single latch is attractive, lightweight, and easy to open and close.  Gone are the days of classical gymnastics, reaching and stretching for all those latches.  The Core Carbon Fiber cello case's single latch system makes this case easy to open and securely close.   If you are looking for an afforable light-weight carbon fiber cello case that will provide a high level of protection for your prized cello, take a close look at the single latch carbon fiber cello case from Core.  It is definitely a great value and one of our favorites.  

Here are some features to consider:

  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Single latch system for easy opening and closing
  • Accessory pocket
  • 2 bow holders
  • Leather carry handle
  • Backpack straps included for easy transport
  • Additional padding for custom fit
  • Only 8.2 lbs
Size: 4/4 
Colors: Black, Blue, Red

SKU: CC4800
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Great case

I had been shopping for a light carbon fiber cello case for my daughter. I looked at BAM, Musilia, Eastman. What really caught my and my daughter's attention was the Core carbon fiber cello case because of its single latch system. Her friend had one and that sealed the deal. It's light, well built, has adjustable padding, and the single latch that makes opening and closing the case so easy. Plus I know that her cello will be well protected. Great value. Highly recommend the case and They were a great help.
Posted by Mark L., 18th Dec 2013

Core carbon fiber cello case is great!

I was looking for a carbon fiber cello case that wouldn't break my back or pocketbook. I was exceedingly pleased with the build of the Core carbon fiber cello case. The single latch system makes open and closing ridiculously easy. It comes with backpack straps and extra padding for customizing the fit. Great look. Great price. Thank you for all your help. Very pleased indeed.
Posted by undefined, 9th Dec 2013

Core Carbon Fiber cello case with single latch

I can't believe how easy this case is to open and close. It truly is amazing. I have had a few cello cases with varying numbers of latches. This is hands down the easiest case to open and close I've ever had. It's also very light, granted not as light as some of the lightest carbon fiber cello cases out there. However, it also doesn't cost as much as a Musilia S3 or a BAM 2.9. I can live with the extra pound or two. The case has a solid construction and comes with backpack straps which for me is essential. The Core carbon fiber cello case also comes with additional padding allowing for custom fitting. All in all, this case is a great value at any price. Thank you for all your help. 5 stars!
Posted by Dwayne, 3rd Dec 2013