Gewa Idea Evolution Fiberglass Cello Case


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Gewa Idea Evolution Fiberglass Cello Case

The Gewa Idea Evolution fiberglass cello case is made of fiberglass reinforaced resin shell, which provides exceptional shock-absorbing properties ensuring safe travel and storage for your prized cello.  The wide detachable backpack straps make for easy, ergonomic transport that will save your strength allowing for your best performance.  It's no wonder.  Gewa is well known for making professional shaped cases that exemplify German precision and quality.  If you're looking for a well-made, fiberglass cello case for your prized cello, take a close look at the Gewa Idea Evolution cello case.  It's quality is second to none.

Here are some key features to consider:

  • Fiberglass reinforced resin shell with high gloss finish
  • Exceptional shock-adsorbing properties
  • Elegant matte black fittings
  • Secure-S Suspension system
  • SPS - Side Protection System
  • 4 Gewa special locks
  • Quality Swiss latches
  • Velour padded interior
  • Wide detachable backpack straps
  • 11.5 lbs.
Size: 4/4
Colors (exterior/interior): Black/Wine, High Gloss Dark Blue/Gray, Red/Gray
SKU: GW3452xx


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GEWA case

I recently purchased a GEWA Idea Evolution case. The case is excellent with generous cushion on the inside. The neck strap is better than most cases, because the strap is lined with soft felt and clicks the cello into place. ( Better than Bam straps) I wish the case was more sturdy, the way GEWA used to make them, but it's still an excellent case. Symfonisk was very professional and quick to answer all my email questions. Thank you Jean! When I found a lower price elsewhere they matched the competitor's price as best they could. Symfonisk's professionalism and customer service made me feel very comfortable. I chose to order from Symfonisk because they had excellent reviews and they were right. I was very impressed with their service and will most certainly recommend them to my cello students. Thank you Symfonisk!
Posted by undefined, 9th Mar 2015