At Symfonisk.com, we strive to provide quality cases to our customers at competitive prices while providing excellent customer service.  Whether you're looking for a violin case from Gewa or Negri, a carbon fiber cello case from Musilia or Core, or a viola case from BAM or Musafia, we do our best to meet  your specific needs.  Do we succeed at this?  Take a look at what some of our customers had to say about purchasing their cases from Symfonisk.

"Derek, thank you so much for answering multiple questions over several days about different cello cases. You have the endurance of Job. When my sky blue Musilia case arrived, it blew me away. It is beautiful, sleek, and adaptable to fit my 7/8 Monty cello perfectly. You and Symfonisk get high high votes from me. I am telling all my cello friends about you and your company."  –Alicia M.

"Looking back over this past year, I felt compelled to contact you concerning the very positive experience I had purchasing from you. Derek did a great job. He was extremely helpful, competent, and professional, representing your company well. The quick purchase of a lighter weight cello case aided in my daughter's recovery from an "overuse injury". Derek went out of his way in assisting me, and I am grateful."  –Karla W.

"I purchased this case for my son, who is off to an international music festival this summer. When it arrived, I was shocked at its lightness, and when he opened it, we were both pleased with the look, feel, and quality of the case. Its movable internal pads make customizing a cinch, and it is very well balanced with the cello inside. He reports that the case is serving him well. In addition, Derek was an absolute pleasure to work with--many, many thanks!"  –Gail R.

"With the help of friends and family, I purchased this case in royal blue and the backpack add-on for my boyfriend as a grad school graduation present. He LOVES it! Symfonisk returned my calls immediately, answered my questions thoroughly, and even helped me time the shipping of the case so that it would arrive before graduation but late enough that it was easy to keep it a surprise! I highly recommend Symfonisk!"   –Anonymous

"Truly beautiful case - quality design and construction. Looks very elegant, and is exceptionally practical. Fantastic customer service from Symfonisk in making an extra effort to answer my questions prior to purchasing - thank you!"   –Anonymous

"She's beautiful. She's light. She's well made with all the right parts in all the right places. She's amazingly strong and durable for being all of the above, and unlike Marilyn Greta and Giulietta Masina, the Musilia S3 is still in its youth singing and dancing up a storm.  We love everything about this case. Want to sleep with an inanimate object and feel good about yourself? The S3 the only solution to that query. Having it on your back or in your arms, and your always ready to play.  She's mine though. I hear they make others if you ask nicely. At Symfonisk, the man's name is Derek. He's a charming gentleman these girls trust and so should you.  This is a simple case to solve, buy the best. Her name is S3."  –Carlo

"Best purchase I've made in a while.  Quality construction by Gewa.  Protect my fiddle from harm and my arm from strain with weight savings, and Symfonisk saved me on tax, shipping, and gave me a great price.  Thanks!"  –Anonymous

"Our experience from initial inquiry to final purchase from Symfonisk was very good. Derek was courteous and very prompt in replying our email and phone inquiries and communications. The case was delivered exactly when we needed/requested it to arrive. We are advised to use the shipping box for future air travel with cello and case as checked luggage - something to keep in mind for those who are considering to travel with it. Overall, we are very satisfied with our purchase of the S2. Our cello teacher indicates this is a good buy also. Most importantly, our high schooler likes it. We have recommended this seller to one parent and will not hesitate to do so if we are asked in the future."  –Elaine

"Gewa cases are tops in my mind. It was time to upgrade. The tough decision was weather to get the 1.8 or 1.9. Ultimately, I liked the color of the 1.9. It's a beautiful case befitting my violin. I found Symfonisk staff very helpful and feel quite happy with my purchase. Highly recommended."  –Anonymous

"After tuition, room and board, books, and all the other expenses of college, I wanted to get a good cello case that I wouldn't feel guilty about having my parent pay for. I really like the Bobelock case. It's fiberglass, not carbon fiber, but it can carry it pretty easily and the wheels are nice when rolling on flat surfaces. Got great service at symfonisk.com. Great price and no tax with free shipping. Awesome!"  –M.J.

"I had a Bam newtech for years, but it was time. I decided to get the Bam hightech 4.4 in the carbon look. Wow. Beautiful case. My cello fits perfectly. I highly recommend Symfonisk. All my questions quickly addressed, I got a great price, and a great case. Thank you very much."  –Sean

"It's always an unexpected pleasure to get exactly what you asked for.  Great service.  Great price.  Great case!  Thank you!"  –Anonymous